Wedding Testimonial

Hi Brenda!

We have gotten so many compliments from friends and family who did and didn't attend the wedding about how perfect and beautiful the wedding and venue were. Honestly, without my wonderful talented friend Leslie doing all she did, I know the venue would have been beautiful without bringing in decor. I am not sure how to word that, maybe that I love that your place is "wedding ready"!

The kids had so much fun and parents described the wedding as the best day ever. We loved that it wasn't stiff and formal and parents could relax and socialize while their kids had a ball. 

The photo ops alone were worth more than anything. Not many couples get to take pictures on their wedding day in a corn field, a pumpkin patch and out on a patio lit with beautiful lights. It all was so perfectly country, rustic, and beautiful. 

We appreciated you letting us use your basement to get ready. It felt like we were getting married at a close family friend's house. 

If I could offer something to other couples, it might be to design things so that the food line didn't pass in front of the head table... we didn't mind, but we didn't get much time to enjoy supper together. 

I loved that we took a hay rack ride to the shoe tree. I recommend everyone do this! It was absolutely perfect. The wedding party needs a little time away to celebrate their hard work and be together without a care. It was so country and we all cherish those memories. I can't imagine the day without that.

We appreciate you helping coordinate, set up, and plan the day as well as your hospitality towards us and our guests. 

Thank you so much, Doug and Brenda!

-Jeff and Jessica K